Account Opening Pack

When savers opened their accounts they received Woody and an 'Account Opening Pack' which explained the savings scheme in more detail and included everything necessary to keep track of your savings.................

Piggies' Progress

A six page booklet introducing the five pigs and explaining the amount of savings required at six monthly intervals to receive the next pig i.e. Annabel @ £25, Maxwell @ £50, Lady Hilary & £75 and finally Sir Nathaniel @ £100 when savers became members of the '100 Club' and were entitled to enter '100 Club' competitions and take advantage of special offers.  Piggies' Progress also explains the other contents of the account opening pack (see below) and contains a message to parents from Sir Nathaniel including boring things like interest payable on savings etc.

Woody's Wobbly Money Tree

A wallchart (36" x 8") to be coloured in using your painting crayons (see below) as your savings grew with pictures of the relevant pig at £25, £50, £75 & £100.

Painting Crayons

A packet of six water soluble painting crayons (i.e. blue, red, green, brown, yellow & pink) which can be dipped in water and used like a paintbrush or simply used as a normal colouring pencil.

Paying In Book Holder (& sticker)

A blue plastic holder (8" x 4") to keep saver's paying in book and account record book (see below) safe, complete with a Sir Nathaniel sticker to be applied to the front.

Account Record Book

A twelve page (6" x 3") account record book to keep track of deposits and withdrawals.

Piggy Bank Card

A credit card sized card to be completed with the saver's name to personalise account opening pack.

Statement Folder (& sticker)

A blue plastic folder (9" x 9") to keep all of the above and bank statements safe, complete with another Sir Nathaniel sticker to be applied to the front.
Birthday Card
Additionally, savers received a Birthday Card from the piggies.


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