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Robert 'Maxwell' Pig

(December 07, 2010)
Finally, an original Sunshine Ceramics pig, but no ordinary pig, has come to light.  In the early 1980's (before Wade took over production) NatWest commissioned Sunshine Ceramics to produce 400 complete sets of the original NatWest pigs (i.e. Woody, Annabel, Maxwell, Lady Hilary and Sir Nathaniel) to be displayed in branches but it is believed that most of these pigs were damaged or destroyed when the promotion ended.  It has always been known that the rotund 'Maxwell' pig was named after Robert Maxwell, the larger than life tycoon, who was one of the banks biggest customers in the 1980's.  We have recently acquired an original Sunshine Ceramics 'Maxwell' pig that was given to Robert Maxwell by the bank and has miraculously survived nearly 30 years, having been passed to Robert Maxwell's wife 'Betty' and then to his daughter-in-law Pandora Maxwell and then his granddaughter, Eloise.  We are very grateful to Pandora Maxwell for providing the background information to this very rare and historically important pig.  Pictures will be made available in the 'Members Only' section............................................  

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