Piggy Press

Savers also received Piggy Press magazines with stories, puzzles, competitions and opportunities to buy NatWest Pigs merchandise including Piggy Alarm Clock, Piggy Mug, Piggy Floor Jigsaw, Piggy Lunch Box and Sir Nathaniel's Card Game etc.
Issue No.1
Issue No.2
Issue No.3
Issue No.4
Issue No.5
Issue No.6
Issue No.7
Issue No.8
Issue No.9
Issue No.10
Issue No.11
Issue No.12
Issue No.13
Issue No.14
Included an article about Phillip Schofield and a competition to meet the snooker player, Stephen Hendry.
Issue No.15
The final issue of the Piggy Press with an article about Kylie Minogue and complete with a World Savers poster which launched the bank's World Savers account.  NatWest pigs continued to be issued to savers, subject to minimum balance requirements, for a further two years but this issue of Piggy Press also included an offer whereby savers could buy pigs to complete their collections.  Prices, including postage and packaging, where as follows: Woody @ £2.50, Annabel @ £3.50, Maxwell @ £4.50, Lady Hilary @ £5.50 and Sir Nathaniel @ £6.50 and these pigs were sent from Tadcaster in large cardboard boxes containing up to four or five pigs.

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